Don’t stop being You!

I hurt for you and what you suffer

Not because you can’t bear the burden

But because I wish you didn’t have to

I know you won’t walk away or run

Where others might fear to tread

You settle in and seek to improve

I appreciate that you never lie

That what you say is what you do

I know I can trust you with anything

You give me succor and safety

The freedom to be who I need to be

Moments of such precious safety

After a lifetime of loss and fear

You are the pot at the end

Of that old faded rainbow

That I hunted for so very long

Huddled in the darkest shadows

Buried alive just barely there

You offer me a hand, a kindness

A gentle breeze after enduring

The hurricanes of eternal hell

There may be fires normally

But not for me, I’m special

I get you as my friend

So Don’t Stop Being You




I lay awake and think of you

Looming close and over me

The dread, the pull, the fear

How not to give in to despair!


You come in weakness

You stay when I’m alone

You lurk within the dark

Leaving scars that mark


How I totally hate you

Despise you even more

Wish you a fiery end

No magic wand to amend


But that is not my reality

For you forever arrive

I can not walk around you

Meeting you is what I rue


What or who be you?

Don’t you yet know?

Its the future I fear

And it creeps ever near


Let there be truth

Now You See Me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear 

and disappear at will. When and where will you use

this new superpower? Tell us a story.


I like this prompt because it didn’t give me a choice.  I have the ability to appear and disappear at will rather than asking me if I want it.   It is still a conundrum over where, when and how I will use it.

I believe I have the super hero complex, so how I use anything that gives me an edge will be for the betterment of society.  Lofty sounding but nonetheless true.  I believe that truth should be available to everyone, with no strings attached or respect for the power or lack of it for anyone.

I would use the ability to disappear at will, like a reporter uses their skills to inform the public.  Rather than by pen I would use secret access and a recorder to share the very words hushed in secrecy and now shared publicly b y me.   There would be no editing, so bias would be in the eyes of the beholder not in the person sharing it.

Can you image the reaction to a recording of an ISIS meeting or, equally a meeting of the CIA, the government or any one or group that believes that the only right people have to information is that which is filtered through to them?  I am not sure if it would make any situation better or worse but it might end the crap news information we get now.

What would be the point of the media sharing their version of a story, if it can be directly proven as simply a point of view?  Proven by the release of the reality in the words of those that speak it.  Maybe the truth would no longer be the first or any casualty of war.



On my count … 1 2 3 …

On my count 
Open your eyes
Answer my questions
With no lies

How do you have fun?

Who would you like to sue?

Tell me who you adore?

Is there someone you love more?

What keeps you happily alive?

What do you want to fix?

Do you believe in heaven?

Who is your perfect mate?

Where do you draw the line?

Write in blood or pen?

Thank you for being so honest
I consider you a conquest
For the triumph of truth
So much for your cloven hoof