Don’t stop being You!

I hurt for you and what you suffer

Not because you can’t bear the burden

But because I wish you didn’t have to

I know you won’t walk away or run

Where others might fear to tread

You settle in and seek to improve

I appreciate that you never lie

That what you say is what you do

I know I can trust you with anything

You give me succor and safety

The freedom to be who I need to be

Moments of such precious safety

After a lifetime of loss and fear

You are the pot at the end

Of that old faded rainbow

That I hunted for so very long

Huddled in the darkest shadows

Buried alive just barely there

You offer me a hand, a kindness

A gentle breeze after enduring

The hurricanes of eternal hell

There may be fires normally

But not for me, I’m special

I get you as my friend

So Don’t Stop Being You



I See You


In the deepest and darkest night

You choose to look inside yourself

You expect to find a horrid fright

But that is not what you found


Instead inside of thee, you see

A strength that is rock solid

Gifting others compassionately

But not in how you treat your self


The time has come to look inside

And rather than fail to see reality

Face the spirit from which you abide

Be the YOU that we have always seen


Take heart in what we say we see

Deeply ingrained strength in you

Beauty, kindness, strength, honesty

We see the real you and appreciate


I see you and wish you could too

How you are outside is just a piece

My love is for the inner you

The beauty that we all see



I lay awake and think of you

Looming close and over me

The dread, the pull, the fear

How not to give in to despair!


You come in weakness

You stay when I’m alone

You lurk within the dark

Leaving scars that mark


How I totally hate you

Despise you even more

Wish you a fiery end

No magic wand to amend


But that is not my reality

For you forever arrive

I can not walk around you

Meeting you is what I rue


What or who be you?

Don’t you yet know?

Its the future I fear

And it creeps ever near


I Can do this

So I took this day

To spend in my way

The goal of reset

To prevent the fret

That was burying me

Not breaking free

Too much change

Unable to arrange

Simply more burden

Unablè to get a word in

Everybody please stop

I have to let this drop

Burden me no more

Leave crises at the door

Walk through free & clear

Managing without fear

I can do this, I can!

If I stick to my plan

Not yours or his or theirs

That leave my soul in tears

I know what I am doing

Don’t demand, try gentle wooing


Claim your voice

Night always falls upon us
As shadows steal the light
Horrors stalk the waiting land
Rendering us silent with fright

Know not who they come for
Just know that they will come
For those marked for desecration
It will be the end of some

If it is your turn this night
You who they hunt and prowl
Will you submit to their tyranny
With a whimper or a growl?

Will you simply await your fate?
Or will your voice be outspoken?
Joining the choir of those that fight? 
Make your resistance be more than token

Give voice to the terrors of the night
Or those in shadow stalking the light
Making you stronger to win the fight
The voice is stronger, claim the right!

What is Not Said

Sometimes life is just incredibly hard

Like you always turn over the death card

Even the tarot warns of your remote chances

It is like you bear hard life hits, not glances


But you keep going, you poke, plod and prod

Trying not to add weight to the shouldered rod

Voices come at you from both near and afar

Asking, honestly, questioning how you are


Saying “I am fine” was okay in the past

But with no help, how can that last?

Everything crumbling in rubble whatever you do

So maybe its time to scream out “Help me, I need you”


It might be a hug or a word that holds you tight

Cutting through the hate and this endless fight

Letting you find a way, to achieve a final surcease

Bringing in that moment, a  new sense of peace



Pay more attention than just to the uttered words

Through that, it is obvious that “I am fine”is simply absurd

I may not be able to utter the deeply seated need

But help me escape my past and finally be freed



I have been in a state of silence in regard to writing lately.  Just needed some time to sort out some health issues.  This poem needs some work but at least I am writing again.  Any ideas on improvement gratefully received.



Be you

You would think the worse thing in life

Would be your family’s proclamation

“That they don’t or won’t see you”

When you are standing in front of them


They don’t know the behaviours they judge

They don’t accept the appearance you choose

The don’t hear your words, shouting for help

You are ‘disowned’ for simply being you


There is something equally as destructive

It is when you look into the bathroom mirror

And you don’t know the person looking back

You don’t acknowledge or can’t, what you see


You can not change the minds of others

But you don’t have to accept their words

Don’t let the words become thorns in your mind

Pain that continues to prick you mercilessly


All you can change is how you let them affect you

How you let their words and beliefs burden you

Stop!, practice stopping their barbs in front of you

Do not let them inside the core of you, stay safe


Find the people that nourish and love you

Whatever you, you may be in that moment

You are not cast in the role of anything

Not man, women, brother, wife or other


In this and every moment be the best

You that you can be and be proud

Walk tall in those that share the sun

Rather than thrusting you into the shade

For You

This is written for someone I dearly love who is questioning his strength at a very hard time in his life.  I can’t be with you in person but I hope my words cushion you and comfort you as you always do for me!


A weightlifters strength is evident in the kilos they lift

Some come to it naturally and just lift what they select

Minimal practice, a natural ability that they can hone

Are they stronger than the lifter that returns again and

Again and again …to slowly  improve their lifting?


Who is stronger – the man who is there through the good

but who eventually leaves when the going gets tougher?

Or the man who never sees the hard but just walks alongside

Supporting without being asked, loving the person within

No strength need be wrong, but there are just differences


Stop worrying that you are not strong enough

What you need is not just strength,  but also …

Your patient nature, you compassionate worldview

Your being there at their side, be that easy or hard

Making decisions to help them, decisions that cost you


That is strength and you have that in spades

It is not measurable in weight or in duration

It is the very core of who you are as a person

You are the strongest person I have ever known

And I have never seen you life a single weight


Deeper than skin

Please ask: what does my tattoo mean to me?

Because it is something different than you can see

It is more than just the inked image within my skin

It helps my spirit and my soul from deeply within


You see a butterfly in shades of grey

And on first glance that’s okay

But it  means much more to me

I like the butterfly, want to soar free


You may not even see the second element

And with that knowledge I am quite content

Because the semi colon means much more for me

Than for others to see it and on its place to query


Throughout my life depression has been present

But I denied it, its presence something I truly resent

Putting the semi colon on my arm is for awareness

Of my recovery journey and the ongoing unfairness


Of trying to live a life to the full

Where before depression did rule

Recovery is slow but consistent

Now that I am aware and not resistant