This is me

Don’t read between the lines

Don’t skip to the back

And definitely, never, ever

Expect expose’ images to view

Because this is me

But only in this moment

In this infinitesimal moment

Before I evolve once more

I have let go of who you judge

To be me, or the me YOU need

I have let go who I want to be

I am simply ME

I wear what makes me smile

Fashion can dictate elsewhere

I don’t wear makeup

For anyone but me

Look away if my visage offends

Today authentically I am me



I is for Invisible

I is for when I feel invisible

For feeling observed but not seen

For not being deemed ‘normal’

Society makes me feel divisible


I can be ‘normal’ but it is just an act

I can be mentally ill but I can function

I can’t be both, apparently society objects

I often feel like something in me be lacked


Was I absent the means to impress?

Wanting to blend into the background

Not wanting to be gossiped about

Not wanting to make public my distress


I need to be me, no matter my state

I need to be free to express myself

To be allowed to function within society

Nothing to be labelled and nothing to abate


I don’t want to be the societal conception

Something they must label and define

Something less because I am not perfect

Not wanting to perpetrate a deception


Just wanting to be the person I could be

Possibly eccentric, or shy, or passive

But the ability to be and do as I will

Without ongoing public scrutiny

A to Z Challenge

Are you normal?

     What is normal?
Why is being normal so reverred?
Why is normality so rigidly protected?
Who defines what characterises “normal”?

     I think, that for many people,
“Normal” is the act of fitting in
A performance for acceptance
A mask worn so tight it consumes them

     Displaying individuality is shunned
Cruel labels attached to behaviour
That burn the skin of those affected
Fitting in, being the same, is the norm

     Who defines what is normal?
The majority, a popular trend
But if masks were removed
How many people are honestly normal?

     How can we achieve normality?
Except as a costume, a required look
Copying those around us, merging
Losing ourselves in the need of society

     And why? Because control is easier?
Because “different” is to be feared?
What happened to freedom?
To being the best we could be?