This is me

Don’t read between the lines

Don’t skip to the back

And definitely, never, ever

Expect expose’ images to view

Because this is me

But only in this moment

In this infinitesimal moment

Before I evolve once more

I have let go of who you judge

To be me, or the me YOU need

I have let go who I want to be

I am simply ME

I wear what makes me smile

Fashion can dictate elsewhere

I don’t wear makeup

For anyone but me

Look away if my visage offends

Today authentically I am me



Morning meanderings

Can you see your way clear
To sit with me my dear?
While I ponder the question of the ages
That has confounded many sages

Who are we and why are we here?
Instead of you and over there
Are we aliens just arrived?
Or races that have long survived?

How will we even know
Why and how we grow?
If we do not prod and poke
The history that was once spoke

Are we truly aware and awake
Or is our belief one historic fake?
How are we to truly know
If we just accept it as so?

Never questioning if its true
Sticking to the past as the glue  
That holds as together now
But never exploring why or how

Question everything I say
To help you learn your way
Be clear in who you are
And you, my dear, will go far

Seeing Self

If I am what you see
What does that make me?
As I do not see the same
Unable to give it name

Who am I? Why am I here?
Why are you so far over there?
Shouldn’t my mirror image be near
Why is that image so unclear?

As I write this I want to cry
Unsure of completely why
I feel a part from myself; Divorced
Though the topic is oft discoursed 

I feel alone in a place of many
Unable to fully connect with any 
I stand and simply shiver
Unsure that I can deliver

An expose on who I might be
So that others can really see
Who it is that is truly me
Within myself feeling free

So come on over and say hello 
I may not be the same tonorrow
Living in each each unique moment
Feeling within myself fully content