Love is:

There is a story behind my new love affair of the high heel.  Up till this year I have been ony wearing flats and running shoes.  Then I got this new casual business dress job and I had to wear more dressy shoes, enter the wedge.  I started there and then this pair is my first heel, high heel.   I love these shoes and wore them for their first time today.  They are Kumfs in amazing condition and I only paid $8.00 for them in a secondhand shop!

I feel longer and stronger and just feminine in these shoes.  I now have these, a gray pair, a red pair, a black cloth pair and my latest that I will try tomorrow a gorgeous blue leather which are the highest yet.  Scary but I will up date you on whether or not I break an ankle in them – fingers crossed I do not, as my broken ribs are more than enough at the moment!  Photo of the blue dreamy shoes to come.

I also fell in love with the London Fly shoes that I found in a little boutique shoe shop. These shoes are incredible and I must, simply must have a pair (yeah lets go with A pair).



Reaching new heights

I have always worn flats.  As flat as I can get or even flatter if possible.  But I have the most annoying feet.  The want the most expensive shoes but they won’t wear heels, I cant wear bare feet, I can’t wear barely supportive shoes that are beyond cute.  The shoes I can wear would be simpler to list!

When I started work I had to upgrade my whole look.  I went from Service Station chic and casual hide my figure to casual business.  It was a bit of a nightmare and I made some really poor clothing choices but I also began wearing some heeled sandals without my inserts and wow … my feet actually accepted them.

I never knew why women liked wearing heels.  I mean it looked so precarious and how do you run in them? But now I get it.  I feel … elongated … leaner … professional … and just better somehow.  I have to pick specific shoes that really support m feet.  So it tends to be wedges (the black shoe) more than the heel, high heels (the silver shoe) separate from the toe section.

I am not sure they are great for my knee but I figure what the hell I might as well enjoy my new look all the way and if I break an ankle it was still worth it lol!

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