I lay awake and think of you

Looming close and over me

The dread, the pull, the fear

How not to give in to despair!


You come in weakness

You stay when I’m alone

You lurk within the dark

Leaving scars that mark


How I totally hate you

Despise you even more

Wish you a fiery end

No magic wand to amend


But that is not my reality

For you forever arrive

I can not walk around you

Meeting you is what I rue


What or who be you?

Don’t you yet know?

Its the future I fear

And it creeps ever near



Morning meanderings

Can you see your way clear
To sit with me my dear?
While I ponder the question of the ages
That has confounded many sages

Who are we and why are we here?
Instead of you and over there
Are we aliens just arrived?
Or races that have long survived?

How will we even know
Why and how we grow?
If we do not prod and poke
The history that was once spoke

Are we truly aware and awake
Or is our belief one historic fake?
How are we to truly know
If we just accept it as so?

Never questioning if its true
Sticking to the past as the glue  
That holds as together now
But never exploring why or how

Question everything I say
To help you learn your way
Be clear in who you are
And you, my dear, will go far