Poem to a crappy moment or two:

I am a perfectionist at heart
I know you can see it easily
Because you went straight at it
At that core and attacked me
You said I had done nothing
Not a single part of my job
And in that moment, in those words
My confidence you sought to rob
And I bit, HARD and with bitter hurt
I swore and I was pissed off its true
Because I let that nasty dig hurt
Perfectly aimed, straight at me, by you
I saw that snarky sidewards glance 
That attempted to snare another
Your web is created lies and acid
The good of others seeking to smother
Well you won’t win. not this time, NEVER
And when you die alone and bitter still
I hope you remember that in good faith
We did our job with the utmost skill
You are merely a bad moment or two
But the loneliness of being so nasty
Lingers for one so utterly sour, as you
So now, fade from memory Mr, Dastardly