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Ughs and ahs

I love my new job in the service station. In the main people are honest and kind.  But sadly some are just thieves.  They take a busy moment to drive off  without paying for their petrol.  It is frustrating and disappointing.

I am also tired of the ongoing disappointment of other people when I share what my job is.  I love working in the service station.  I call it “busy retail”.  I am rarely bored and get to fuss keeping the shop tidy. It is right for me in this moment. 

On one shift all 8 pumps had gorgeous bikes at them.  Bliss. I also see some great older cars.   People are usually happy to share about their baby!! I getting my own group of regulars.

There is an interesting gender twist with comments like “it’s nice to see a woman”.  I am currently the only woman on the floor in the 3 stations.

I love my job.   I am challenged by it in a different way from nursing.  It is not less or better than, it just is!

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Smashing !!!

I dropped my Samsung Note 5 onto the driveway.  It cracked at the top and bottom diagonally.  But the middle was fine  (weird I know). 

Between $380.  – $470. to repair it. So I went with the lower quote and dutifully left my phone with the repair man for 20 min. 

Stepping out of his shop, I suddenly felt naked.  I could not take hubby’s call to tell him where I was for pick up.  I couldn’t transfer the money to pay for the repair!

I went out to the phone booth but I didn’t have my credit card and that’s all it took … sigh.  In the end I went back to the repair shop and watched the man repair my phone.

It was fascinating!  The innards were a surprise … to me!!  He advised me on a better screen saver (glass) and case to hold it (mine was inadequate apparently!!).

So an expensive repair became an interesting adventure, taking some of the sting out of the cost.  I will post a pic of the old screen when I get home (currently at my inlaws).

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My surprise auto

A while ago I talked about my dream next car.  Which I was determined would be a Toyota Ractis. It was the perfect choice gor my getting in and out with my arthritic knee.  Bending and twisting is not easy for me any longer. 

The Ractis seemed my perfect option.  That was until I tried the Nissan Tiida.  It was a dream to drive and I vould get a 2012 with 3,000 trade in, when normally offered 1000- 1500 for my 14 year old Toyota Echo that till now I had been it’s only owner.

We had to wait for a bank appointment so we looked at other car yards.  I sat in a Nissan Wingroad Wagon and fell in love again.  This wagon felt familiar and I found it to be a dream to drive.  It is basically a stretched Tiida.  Bigger than I am used to but wonderful (once I get used to it).

So the Nissan Wingroad is mine.  It symbolises more to me than just transport.   It evifences my hubby’s acceptance of my new job and celebrates my joy in it by funding me a new car.  The Echo was my nursing car.

I smile when I drive this or even just see it.   The keyless entry fascinates me but can be confusing.  I just love it.

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Life saving

I think there is a difference from stopping someone committing suicide and saving a life.  In the first you ensure that a person continues breathing but in the second you remain engaged to assist them to live 8n a manner that means grey want to keep breathing.

I liken it to drowning.  Hours after a person is rescued from the water, resuscitated and to all appearances, recovered, they can drown.  It’s why you are advised to go to the hospital and be monitored.  

It’s true that after a suicide attempt or threat you can be in hospital but after the crises, when you sit alone with pieces of your life scattered around you, can you live in and with what is left?

The Chinese proverb about saving a life and how from then on your lives are entwined seems apt.  How often do we rally around a crisis immediately but eventually that support falls away and the person, ready or not, is deemed ready to manage alone.

Just some thoughts on the early morning.  What do you think?

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James Rollins

I have fallen in love with this author.  His writing is a mix of Indiana Jones and military ops. A perfect blend of history, world threat, action, the odd love story and so much more.  I just enjoy reading his cleverly woven tales.

There are common threads that unite the series of books, that include:  Sigma Force and its members, the Guild and it’s members, archeological finds and Christianity explored, threats to world survival and control. However each book remains a potent stand alone tale.

I am so glad I stumbled upon this author.  I am onto the 5th one of his books and not yet disappointed.  A must have in 2nd hand book shop raids.  Below is my latest read:

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I saw Bob in a secondhand shop and fell in love.  I over heard people discussing his weight and issues with his short shorts. I fell in love with his eyes.  They look so judged and that is how I often feel, be it all in my mind or reality.

He is lovely to hug too and like his brethren he won’t give away my secrets. I may knit him a jersey that fits a lot better on him.  His name was gifted from the shop and suits him.

All the cats have poked at him on his spot on our couch. But just sits. Great company in his silent way.

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Free birthday gifts

I got a lovely influx of free offers for my birthday. Offers that included the latter above from McDonald’s cafe to 10 cents off petrol (Caltex) and a lovely crystal pen from Farmers.

They were free in the sense that I did not have to buy anything to redeem them.  I did have to go to the shops and there was the temptation of additional purchases but I just enjoyed the birthday greetings and lovely simple but practical offerings.

I didn’t have to go out of my way for any of them because they are already some of my favourite places. It brings an emotional warmth that can be absent in so much of our interactions today.   Where we greet things online or in the mail never truly encountering another human face to face.

I did discover I had my age wrong.  I am 48 lol not 47.  Those who know me can understand how I made this mistake.  While it could be denial it is more likely that I suck at math in any form!!

There is one birthday email that will cost me 20.00 but a 30 minute neck and shoulders massage is pure temptation with my current shoulder pain.  We shall see.

Have a great day!

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Diving in

I had my first swim in the newly refurbished Makino pool and my 25 kilo weight loss body. 

I was confident in my Zoggs and so enjoyed the weightless feeling in the pool. I practised some yoga moves I have been struggling with.

This photo is post swim.  I don’t think I look too bad.

I can see the areas I need to work on but fat never leaves where you want it to.  But the gym workouts are helping me tone.  This photo was after I came home pre shower.

I love that some of my old confidence is slowly coming back in all areas  of my life.  I just gave to keep plodding along.

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Be a planker not a plonker!

So I crushed the July challenge of the crucifix hold. Basically I held 2, 2 kilo dumbbells at shoulder height for the longest time. I wanted 3 minutes but I won at 2.41.53.

August is all about the plank.

Once again I will be engaged in a battle with my mind as much as my body.  I found a month challenge to plank each day increasing the time until achieving 10 minutes.

I am on track. At 2.20 on a day that was 2 mins:

I posted earlier than I intended to encourage others to have a go. Most training sessions are multiple planks so an endurance one is different.  I do better with external as well as internal competition.

The record plank is like 8 hours … yes HOURS and the mental, let alone physical, strength in that is just mind blowing!!

I am going to “attempt” each week and really want to nail a strong improvement each time.  I have to confess I can enjoy a whole workout of plank variations.  It’s just so whole body engaging.

I know I have longer times in me.  I just have to focus and work for it!

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Move your boulders

I recently subscribed to and enjoy his articles about creating new habits. He explains how you can grow healthier or better habits.  But equally how the same processes can endorse the initiation or continuation of bad habits.  It makes me think that If I already have the process why not make better choices for the same amount of work that the bad choices take?  I am guessing the reason why I do not, is that bad choices are usually more delicious, have the naughty appeal and can be way more fun!!

James’ recent post was about the Domino Effect and how we do initiate one small change which starts another of similar ilk, which starts another and so on as the new habits gather together. A process that is like a domino row falling. Who didn’t enjoy setting up a row, delicately placing the blocks and then pinging the first one and watching them tumble in succession?

The tumbling process can be quite detailed with all sorts of tricks to enhance the visual display.  On a side note there was recently a Cadbury chocolate advert that had blocks of chocolate lined up on a street, that fell domino style. Everything looks better with chocolate!  But I digress.

James provided the outline of three rules to successfully engaging the Domino Effect.  Simply put they are motivation, momentum and progression.  Find what you are motivated to begin, finish that and quickly move to the next change that appeals and always remember that progress is more important than results.  If you stall, break the current change into smaller achievable actions. 

I liken these rules to the challenge of the immovable boulder.  You are motivated to get it out of your path, you know you need momentum to continue your initial motivation. To achieve progress you smash pieces off and roll them out of the way. Eventually you clear your path.  We build that boulder with the detritus of our bad habits building on each other and growing.

As a boulder example from my own life:  it began with not going to work, losing that regular routine increased my time alone and on the couch, while there I ate for comfort, then I gained weight, I felt ugly so stopped exercising which compounded the weight issue… You can see the Boulder gaining weight and blocking my progress.  The final win is achieved in the slow but steady dismantling of those boulder building habits.

Thinking about this process brought to my mind the interconnectedness theory of R. Buckminster Fuller. Naming himself Guinea Pig B he believed that individual small changes could eventually change the world.  You had to be able to see the whole to effect that change. Going back to my boulder, according to Fuller I would need to understand all the facets contributing to its growth in order to reverse the process.   

If I only knew part when I began, I might miss a key element that might jeopardize my achieving my goal.  For example, I might work out, get a job and get off the couch but if my eating remains crap then I may only ever be partially successful.  I then run the risk of giving in and returning to the old habits.  Then I drag my boulder around behind me making every thing harder or it could block my ability to see advancement ending my progress.

To conclude, I highly recommend because he writes very insightful articles that trigger exploration of the habit, behaviours and triggers that are a part of who we are. Who knows reading his articles might result in you rolling your own boulder out of your way or initiate a perfect domino streak of new healthier habits that become building blocks naturally resistant to being mowed down.  

Let me know what you think of my musings!