My Short Stories

I want to explain the origins of my short stories.  Unlike my poems these can be derived in dreams that I write down when I wake.  Dreams are new to me, arriving with the initiation of the medication that I am on for anxiety and depression.  I much prefer them to the old routine of relentless nightmares.

Like my poems, the topics of the short stories are random with even me being surprised at some of them.  I enjoy this form of writing and it is more familiar to me than poetry.  There is nothing better than a story to get entwined in and forget everything else in those moments.

I would like to write a novel one day and am practicing in the short stories I write and the Credgeling serial.  I am working on my background information story telling that would make my stories feel more real.  I do better with stories that are related to what I experience but I have an active imagination as well.

I find that my stories can yield life lesson’s, things I have learnt or would want someone else to know, to aid them.  I just love weaving words into sentences, paragraphs or lines of poetry and suddenly it feels complete and I can move onto the next topic.

I would love reader feedback on my stories, as well as topic suggestions.


What do you think?

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