Poetry Master List 2015


08/04/2015 Solitude

08/04/2015 The house of pain



22/07/2015 A work in progress: Scott

24/07/2015 What is reality?

24/07/2015 The power of determination

24/07/2015 The distortion of destruction

24/07/2015 I am the chessboard

24/07/2015 A reflection of strength

24/07/2015 What is reality?

25/07/2015 Wrecked, wretched, wrenched, writhing

27/07/2015 Words



06/09/2015 My mood

22/09/2015 Despair



28/11/2015 Hope

29/11/2015 Unnatural tired

29/11/2015 Poetry silliness in the dark of night

30/11/2015 When you look at me, what are you allowed to see?



01/12/2015 Hear the now

15/12/2015 I am sick

15/12/2015 Pain is relentless like a ruthless stalker

21/12/2015 What will be will be

22/12/2015 Floating free

30/12/2015 Demons of the night

31/12/2015 Break that cursed dawn




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