My Poetry

I often find that I think in lines of prose.  A sentence can set off an entire poem, rhyming or not.  I simply call it poetry but more often than not it is not the pure definition of what a poem is.

I choose topics randomly but would love readers to suggest a topic to me. it might take time for me to craft words around it but I would do it.  More often than not it is a topic that I have experience in but some are abstract.

I am finding that my poems are quite refreshing for me as I explore topics that are embedded in my mind and need airing.  I can let something that is frustrating or hurting me go in my poem.

My process is to record, quickly, what my mind composes and then I edit and tighten the poems before posting them.  There is always a note pad by my bed and with me, to capture stray thoughts or even words.

I am charmed and amazed at the number of people that like what I produce.  It is a privilege to have a format to share my words in.


What do you think?

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