30 Day Mental Illness Challenge Index

MIA challenge

Source:  http://marcimentalhealthmore.com/2013/09/24/30-days-of-mental-illness-awareness-challenge-master-list/

Day One

Day Two: Is how I feel, how I understand?

Day Three: Trial and error, error, error…

Day Four: Is it for or against me?

Day Five: Collision

Day six: Seek and you will find

Day seven: Living in the pattern

Day Eight: Tattoo trauma

Day nine: The consequences of stress

Day ten: regarding the best

Day eleven: What is worse? Worsening? Worst

Day twelve: Its me, not her, shes your idea of me

Day thirteen: the symptoms

Day fourteen: Stigma – ban the word and impact

Day fifteen: Filtered reality

Day sixteen: Coming “out”

Day seventeen: Be gone pestilence of my mind

Day eighteen: Please just listen

Day nineteen: Helping the self

Day twenty: Lean on you

Day twenty one: The faces of stress

Day twenty two: To medicate or not!?

Day twenty three: Tell me how you feel

Day twenty four: this or THAT?!

Day twenty five: Working with me

Day twenty six: Daily drama

Day twenty seven: Up and at it

Day twenty eight: Its a bad moment not a whole day

Day twenty nine: The true role of diagnoses

Day thirty: Recovering Me


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