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When you close your eyes, what do you see?

In the shuttered dark, is it simply the absence of me?

Or do you apply negative judgement to the dark?

The staining black denotes evil leaving it’s mark

If your world is filtered through that dark

There is then no light upon which hope can park

It becomes a place weighted in horror and fear

Never able to pierce the layers of black despair

Open your eyes, shake off the dark, see clearly

Fight for a free world where all are judged fairly

Don’t hide behind eyes shut tight in fear, that  hide from reality

Instead join in, have a voice, live in a society of creativity

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It’s been awhile

Life can sometimes snatch away your written words

Take what might be recorded and have it pass by too quickly

The hourglass seems slow to fill after being flipped

But in reality time passes as always; minute by minute

It is our emotional state that changes how it’s passage feels

The dripping seconds of a boring day or the speed of light when busy 

Seconds, moments, hours, days, weeks, months, years

And what truly changes is ever within us, our thoughts and emotions

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Christmas Thoughts

Twas the night before Christmas

And all was peaceful and quiet

That was, until my clamouring mind

Muttering about my struggling diet

The nothing stirring, not even a mouse

Was a good omen, since, otherwise  

Eat that and follow with the whole house!

My brain is that starved for thought beyond food!

Please be of good cheer

For we are nearly there

Even in depths despair

We can strive from here
**** I admit it needs work and is unfinished ****

**** The third verse is not the same ****

****Any suggestions are welcomed! ****

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Your roots are deep within the ground

That is where your strength is found

You gather enrichment from the soil

And from the bugs around you as they toil


You grace the sky with leaves spread wide

There is no need for your majesty to hide 

You shade all those within your reach

You live your life, with no need to preach


Blessed are those beneath your shadowed span

Gifting comfort to those you can

Stay strong, be lithe, stand tall

Never do I wish to see you fall

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Thump.  Thump.  Thump.
Not my heart beat
For that is much faster
It is thoughts hitting my skull

Crash.  Crash. Crash.
Not waves to the shore
For that is natural
It is my thoughts clashing

Dark. Darker. Darkest.
Not night falling
For that is routine
It is my narrowing vision

Bang. Bang. Bang.
Not a gun firing
That would be okay
It is my brain misfiring

Silence. Whisper. Shout.
Not my usual order
That would be healthy
It is finding my voice

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In the depths of despair
I will find you there
Digging deeper, trying to flee
Unable, in fear, to truly see

What you run from is in your head And because of that, face it instead   You can not just leave it behind 
It’s a large part of your endless grind

Work with it, understand it, be
That is how you will break free
Hide not how or who you are
That has dug you in this far

Show the world you are okay
With how you are in any way
Shout it out … I will survive
But even louder, I will thrive!

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Claim your voice

Night always falls upon us
As shadows steal the light
Horrors stalk the waiting land
Rendering us silent with fright

Know not who they come for
Just know that they will come
For those marked for desecration
It will be the end of some

If it is your turn this night
You who they hunt and prowl
Will you submit to their tyranny
With a whimper or a growl?

Will you simply await your fate?
Or will your voice be outspoken?
Joining the choir of those that fight? 
Make your resistance be more than token

Give voice to the terrors of the night
Or those in shadow stalking the light
Making you stronger to win the fight
The voice is stronger, claim the right!

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What is Not Said

Sometimes life is just incredibly hard

Like you always turn over the death card

Even the tarot warns of your remote chances

It is like you bear hard life hits, not glances


But you keep going, you poke, plod and prod

Trying not to add weight to the shouldered rod

Voices come at you from both near and afar

Asking, honestly, questioning how you are


Saying “I am fine” was okay in the past

But with no help, how can that last?

Everything crumbling in rubble whatever you do

So maybe its time to scream out “Help me, I need you”


It might be a hug or a word that holds you tight

Cutting through the hate and this endless fight

Letting you find a way, to achieve a final surcease

Bringing in that moment, a  new sense of peace



Pay more attention than just to the uttered words

Through that, it is obvious that “I am fine”is simply absurd

I may not be able to utter the deeply seated need

But help me escape my past and finally be freed



I have been in a state of silence in regard to writing lately.  Just needed some time to sort out some health issues.  This poem needs some work but at least I am writing again.  Any ideas on improvement gratefully received.



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Be you

You would think the worse thing in life

Would be your family’s proclamation

“That they don’t or won’t see you”

When you are standing in front of them


They don’t know the behaviours they judge

They don’t accept the appearance you choose

The don’t hear your words, shouting for help

You are ‘disowned’ for simply being you


There is something equally as destructive

It is when you look into the bathroom mirror

And you don’t know the person looking back

You don’t acknowledge or can’t, what you see


You can not change the minds of others

But you don’t have to accept their words

Don’t let the words become thorns in your mind

Pain that continues to prick you mercilessly


All you can change is how you let them affect you

How you let their words and beliefs burden you

Stop!, practice stopping their barbs in front of you

Do not let them inside the core of you, stay safe


Find the people that nourish and love you

Whatever you, you may be in that moment

You are not cast in the role of anything

Not man, women, brother, wife or other


In this and every moment be the best

You that you can be and be proud

Walk tall in those that share the sun

Rather than thrusting you into the shade