My Office!

I stopped working this afternoon

Basking in the heat of the strong sun

To look around my empty office

To realise it was partly MINE

I work in this place of miracles

Where people find their way to jobs

Or like me, come back to themselves

I have this job, I work in this office

And in this moment I was simply




Are these communication styles or barriers?

How do you manage a negative perspective crashing against the worst possible interpretation?


Here is the context:

In an email, I asked a clarifying question about my role

It was met with an accusation of unethical bias

An offensive and incorrect interpretation of my query

Plus my query was never actually replied to


This type of response in a professional relationship proved to be very frustrating indeed

Wading through the connotations and denotations to get to the bare bone facts to perform my job, proved distracting

Can I be that pc, to avoid the negative wording that this person seems to need and thys access the response that I require to do my job?

His way of communicating smashes straight into mine.  I am blunt and prefer honesty.

 I expect that at least from my managers and especially clear guidelines on how to perform my role effectively

A manager who judges how on track you are by how fiercely you respond to the allegations seems slightly idiotic to me

Is that really professional or good enough? Not to me, not if they want to engage my opinion or even form of effective communication with me

My team leader suggests that I have a gag at the ready for the team upcoming team meeting

He predicts a rousing discussion as the email offensive writing style of the manager carries through into their oral skills or lack thereof

We shall see how much of their “communication” style that I can accept before biting back




Reaching new heights

I have always worn flats.  As flat as I can get or even flatter if possible.  But I have the most annoying feet.  The want the most expensive shoes but they won’t wear heels, I cant wear bare feet, I can’t wear barely supportive shoes that are beyond cute.  The shoes I can wear would be simpler to list!

When I started work I had to upgrade my whole look.  I went from Service Station chic and casual hide my figure to casual business.  It was a bit of a nightmare and I made some really poor clothing choices but I also began wearing some heeled sandals without my inserts and wow … my feet actually accepted them.

I never knew why women liked wearing heels.  I mean it looked so precarious and how do you run in them? But now I get it.  I feel … elongated … leaner … professional … and just better somehow.  I have to pick specific shoes that really support m feet.  So it tends to be wedges (the black shoe) more than the heel, high heels (the silver shoe) separate from the toe section.

I am not sure they are great for my knee but I figure what the hell I might as well enjoy my new look all the way and if I break an ankle it was still worth it lol!

Kyra WedgesImage result for high heels

Woe is me, please set me be

I love my job. I work with people with disability, illness or injury to find work. Along the way they find pieces of themselves that being “disabled” in a society built and engineered toward the “normal” have gotten lost.  I live the philosophy of my employer. I believe every person has a unique skill, perspective or talent to by I g to an employer. The right person for the right job.

So why am I sitting on my bed, stressed and miserable, instead of at work? Doing what I believe in:

1) I have broken ribs and I haven’t stopped and looked after them. They hurt all the time. Way worse than fibro does at the moment. I need to rest.

2) I have had endless issues with a computer system from hell and yesterday it broke me. I couldn’t take one more phone call to the help desk for a short term if any fix. One more play nice instead of really saying what I meant.

3) I can’t breathe. I have hubby caring for my best interests at home, which I love. My work partner is also my personal trainer and I can’t breathe. I can’t be. Someone 8s always in my space, yammering or ordering or judging or just in my space. Can I shout ” look away!! Nothing to see”!!

4) Too many changes all at once. I have a full time job that is business and I dress differently and I often don’t recognise me. I went vegetarian. I went hard core work outs … as much as one can in this broken down body. My dad had a heart attack and a stroke and I discovered a well of anger at him. My blood brother can be Mary sunshine which is just fracking annoying and I feel disconnected and judged by my heart brother. Life is tough atm and much is self inflicted.

So one day at a time and don’t say the first though in my head. It is never going to be pc!!


I start my new job on Thursday. It’s exciting and perfect and me. But first I say goodbye to a job I have loved. I was doing okay till today. Then it hit me. This is my last weekend at the service station. I am sad.

Of course it has not all been good. My arthritic knee has deteriorated and some customers ate horror shows. But I found parts of myself I lost. I smiled again. I got social. I chatted and connected with people. My confidence returned. I love this job and tomorrow is my last solo shift, as I am training my replacement on my final shift.

I already foretell more tears. I have come to know some amazing people. I am so keeping in touch with them. I made the right decision but I am sad.

Drat the location 

I am dipping my toes into the job scene.  I applied for a job under the impression that  it was local but it was in fact in Auckland which is the other end of the island.

I made it through two online screenings and a phone interview.  I am on the shortlist.   Sadly I will need to withdraw because the living costs of relocating are prohibitive.

It was a job that married nicely with my mental health training.except the people were in financial crisis, rather than a health one.

The whole process gave me a boost of confidence and an understanding that nursing is not my only career pathway.  I feel more steady in applying for other jobs and finding the one for me.

I did not expect the process to be positive but it was.