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I start my new job on Thursday. It’s exciting and perfect and me. But first I say goodbye to a job I have loved. I was doing okay till today. Then it hit me. This is my last weekend at the service station. I am sad.

Of course it has not all been good. My arthritic knee has deteriorated and some customers ate horror shows. But I found parts of myself I lost. I smiled again. I got social. I chatted and connected with people. My confidence returned. I love this job and tomorrow is my last solo shift, as I am training my replacement on my final shift.

I already foretell more tears. I have come to know some amazing people. I am so keeping in touch with them. I made the right decision but I am sad.

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Drat the location 

I am dipping my toes into the job scene.  I applied for a job under the impression that  it was local but it was in fact in Auckland which is the other end of the island.

I made it through two online screenings and a phone interview.  I am on the shortlist.   Sadly I will need to withdraw because the living costs of relocating are prohibitive.

It was a job that married nicely with my mental health training.except the people were in financial crisis, rather than a health one.

The whole process gave me a boost of confidence and an understanding that nursing is not my only career pathway.  I feel more steady in applying for other jobs and finding the one for me.

I did not expect the process to be positive but it was.