Wander if you dare

I wander down the Avenues of my memory and past

The darker streets are scary, I try to avoid them

Staying to the lit streets, where it is safer & brighter

They display their reality for all to see, so proudly

But then those other dark and dismal alleys

They lurk and ruin my streetscape, haunting me

I don’t map them out, no one should wander there

I detour as much as I can, throw the bright to allure

“Nothing to see, look away, step to the light and remain there”

I want to, I need you to, hide my shameful alleys of despair

Please don’t make me map my roads of ruin

Don’t display them, don’t walk them, or pave them

Don’t beautify the ugly, sometimes it simply has to be

Streets you never wander but know exist

Let them be, don’t renew, don’t excuse them

Simply leave them there because they always have to be

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