Disjointed reality


I reach out, through time’s mist

But No One reaches back

I remain untouched

Completely dismissed


The bitterness of cold

Fringes my every move

I leave icles of breath

The only reality link I hold


I am? Or am I? What? Tell me!

Do I plead, desire or bleed?

To get my truth not yours?

Please let me be, let me be free


Can I walk … no run away?

Not to you … not from me

Just not here … not this now

Get to freedom … no delay


“If I die before I wake”

A prayer before I sleep

Did I wake? Have I slept?

Is my assumption a mistake?


What is real and defined why?

Can’t you simply leave me be?

Let me live the peace I’ve earned

Who decides? Is it you or I?


Do we share disjointed reality?

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