Poor PT can only hope for obedience!

I feel bad for my PT (who can’t read this and who is also my workmate!) I keep pushing boundaries rather than simply behaving  myself  (which means following his programme and no meandering!).  So far in training me I have managed to break two ribs – now I was following his programme to the letter but he told me not to train as I had been sick all week and what happens, he barely finishes saying that and bang I know I just snapped some ribs.  This was later confirmed by my doctor … sight.  Thankfullly he didn’t say I told you so … that often … he isn’t that sweet, he definitely said it lol.

So I finally nagged, begged and whined my way back into training.  (I may have said I got nurse clearance and I may not have mentioned that the nurse was me LOL – he hasn’t caught onto me  and my sneaky ways yet!!).  I did some of the old programme and some of the new post rib injury ones and stopped when my ribs complained.  It went okay, if you saw an earlier post I had a wee panic attack on going to the gym for the first time and cancelled my actual training session and then finally talked myself into it later in the day.

Today, my PT wrote me a lovely new programme to respect my healing ribs and keep me progressing forward after a two week complete rest.  I really meant to behave and then my brain wanted to run.  I have an existing injury of osteoarthritis in my knee so running was never great for that injury and then there is my weight, which is slowly reducing.  However, tonight I wanted to run and so I hit the treadmill and managed in a 20 minute walk to do two  2 minute runs at a low level but I ran.

I am not limping a little but satisfied.  I want to run.  It is something I deeply miss.  I rarely feel disabled even when on crutches or using my walker but not being able to run  makes me feel less.  I love running.  It makes me feel free and alive.  I feel less stressed and I just lose myself to the motion.  It is not graceful nor is it pretty and I can actually walk faster than I run but its a part of me that is missing atm and I intend to reclaim it.

I have to break it to my PT yet that I advanced the running part a tad early but I am sure he will cope, he works with me lol he’s used to curve balls.  I will so miss him when he heads to Aussie and hes my long distance PT.  I have to say that his training is not one I have done before (And I have tried many, many things) but I love it.  My arms feel stronger doing the resistance work and I feel the muscles working which I love!!  Yup hes stuck with me lol!!


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