BI have been nagging my PT all week to train me. And I mean all week as we are in the same office, an office of two. Then the day finally comes and I’m chickening out!

I hadn’t realised how much added pain and stress I have been in with my ribs for the last three weeks. But this week it hit me when I realised my paperwork was a mess, or simply MIA or I didn’t remember writing it or not writing it. Which means my fibro was active and giving me the whole fibro fog effect.

Living with fibro you know pain. It’s constant. I have it as the soundtrack of my life but that grinding feeling of my broken ribs edges gliding over each other is something new.

I have never seriously injured myself working out before and I am freaked out. In my work gear having a panic attack on my chair at Home! When I should be warming up at the gym raring to go. I am not gun shy, I am surrender, move into the air raid shelter and baton down the hatches shy.



6 hours after this post I finally get my big girl pants on and force myself to go the the gym.  And yes my ribs niggled but I didn’t bleed from my ears, or have bone protruding out from my ribcage.  Once I relaxed I got back into enjoying it.  I felt the fear and I just did it.  I feel great!!  NOW to be that determined on some other things stressing me out!!





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