So three Sundays ago I lost my concentration on the leg press and broke a rib or two, okay definitely two.  The first week I toughed it out.  Went swimming, worked and even worked out and it hurt soooo much.  I finally went to the doctor and yep as I thought snapped like a dry twig.  So for two weeks now I have not worked out and man it has been a right pain. I have gotten stressed out and without working out I turned to comfort eating, blowing all my hard work (this is unconfirmed until tomorrow when I bravely stand on the damn scales once more).  Tomorrow I finally get to work out again!!! Soooo what do I do today?  Aggravate my broken rib working in the jungle that is our “garden” (I so use that term loosely) and hurt both my knees.  Just sign me up for a rest home and reserve me that wheelchair!!


That jungle is exactly that every year.  Summer strolls round (or our best try at it! and last year we frigging failed abysmally, let me tell you – it was 8 good summer days and they were not consecutive!!  We kept beating the national rain average – every frigging season, no drought for us we were way beyond soggy into swampy!!),  I never learn.  I get them tidied up and then I let them down and boom summer arrives and hit repeat.  This year I have a full time job so I am going to dedicate some of it to buying mulch and putting in weed mat plus some actual plants in the sadder spots.  I have long suffering roses that have always stuck by me (or their thorns in me – poetic justice?)!  I can just see their blooms slightly ahead of the weeds populating the majority of the garden!!


Image result for images of leg press

Image source:     I have to go with no on this one!!



  1. You can always send some of that rain across the ditch to us…..though at the moment we are doing ok….take care of those ribs, they do I know hurt like no one’s business…


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