Are these communication styles or barriers?

How do you manage a negative perspective crashing against the worst possible interpretation?


Here is the context:

In an email, I asked a clarifying question about my role

It was met with an accusation of unethical bias

An offensive and incorrect interpretation of my query

Plus my query was never actually replied to


This type of response in a professional relationship proved to be very frustrating indeed

Wading through the connotations and denotations to get to the bare bone facts to perform my job, proved distracting

Can I be that pc, to avoid the negative wording that this person seems to need and thys access the response that I require to do my job?

His way of communicating smashes straight into mine.  I am blunt and prefer honesty.

 I expect that at least from my managers and especially clear guidelines on how to perform my role effectively

A manager who judges how on track you are by how fiercely you respond to the allegations seems slightly idiotic to me

Is that really professional or good enough? Not to me, not if they want to engage my opinion or even form of effective communication with me

My team leader suggests that I have a gag at the ready for the team upcoming team meeting

He predicts a rousing discussion as the email offensive writing style of the manager carries through into their oral skills or lack thereof

We shall see how much of their “communication” style that I can accept before biting back





What do you think?

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