Ummm …. no

I got a burst of Christmas spirit when driving to work the other day. The radio advert was extolling the joy of a live Christmas tree.  The description was so good I could smell the pine. I lived this idea, a living memory.

Since “lending” my previous 6ft tree to my brother B.  Then never seeing it again, we had been decoration deficit.  As in the extent of our home looking Christmasy was lego Christmas sets hubby built!!

Now, from the advert, I had this tree in my head. I envisioned keeping it in a pot which would get larger each year until the tree needed to be moved outside.  There it would become a new beloved feature.  I imagined sitting under it, wrapped in past memories, reading a book and making new ones!

Then the advert let me know that I go to the tree farm, pick my tree and they cut it down for me!  Is it just me or does live mean something different they days?  I mean if I apply this meaning of live, then the process of dying begins in the moment of purchase. I select the tree to adorn my home and schedule it’s end date in doing so !

My brother A (heart not blood) has a thing against buying cut flowers.  To him they symbolise buying a dying item that is meant to symbolise a continuation of live or some emotion.  Is the cut flowers message subtly, this too will end?  I am beginning to see his point!

Did I want to purchase this form of “live”?  and yes there are parallels to humans.  From the moment we are born we are in the process of dying. And yes authentic toy cats that meow and poop etc etc  are advertised as live too.  When did live become so plastic?

I know every now and then I get a Facebook message to say so and so is live now.   I always catch myself thinking:  what we’re they before? This is despite knowing what it means.  Are we at a stage where we have over used the word live and in any situation that we no longer appreciate that we are live?  That each day of live is precious?

Needless to say I will not be buying the pseudo “live” tree and be instrumental in hastening it’s death.  I want to celebrate live in the true sense.  Breathing in each moment, savouring it and doing no harm in terms process.

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