Procrastinators meet here

I was putting off the coursework for my tutoring literacy (and numeracy, but if you know me you will get the emphasis.  Math is not my friend!!). Then on Tuesday I sat down on my bed and spread the research material out.  This was not ideal!  Nor was trying to put my laptop somewhere while balancing the workbooks.  Chicken languishing amid the notes did not help!

So I decided I needed a desk.  I also needed a chair and organisation of my notes etc.  I diligently searched secondhand shops with no avail. Then I tried Warehouse and they did have a plain one for 30.00 but it was featureless.  I got as far as putting it in the trolley and all the way to the checkout before I returned it.  

Lucky I did because I found the perfect desk at the SPCA shop.  So a desk for me and funds for the animals!  The lovely people there broke it down so it fit my car – very kind.  I got my chair at the hospice shop.

I spent the afternoon setting the desk up and organising my files and it all looked great! Now this could be further symptoms of procrastination but since setting it up I have nearly completed my assessments.  I love sitting at my desk and typing away.  Connections to my love of studying returning with happy memories!!

Sometimes old fashioned is just  what is needed!!

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