Ughs and ahs

I love my new job in the service station. In the main people are honest and kind.  But sadly some are just thieves.  They take a busy moment to drive off  without paying for their petrol.  It is frustrating and disappointing.

I am also tired of the ongoing disappointment of other people when I share what my job is.  I love working in the service station.  I call it “busy retail”.  I am rarely bored and get to fuss keeping the shop tidy. It is right for me in this moment. 

On one shift all 8 pumps had gorgeous bikes at them.  Bliss. I also see some great older cars.   People are usually happy to share about their baby!! I getting my own group of regulars.

There is an interesting gender twist with comments like “it’s nice to see a woman”.  I am currently the only woman on the floor in the 3 stations.

I love my job.   I am challenged by it in a different way from nursing.  It is not less or better than, it just is!

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