My surprise auto

A while ago I talked about my dream next car.  Which I was determined would be a Toyota Ractis. It was the perfect choice gor my getting in and out with my arthritic knee.  Bending and twisting is not easy for me any longer. 

The Ractis seemed my perfect option.  That was until I tried the Nissan Tiida.  It was a dream to drive and I vould get a 2012 with 3,000 trade in, when normally offered 1000- 1500 for my 14 year old Toyota Echo that till now I had been it’s only owner.

We had to wait for a bank appointment so we looked at other car yards.  I sat in a Nissan Wingroad Wagon and fell in love again.  This wagon felt familiar and I found it to be a dream to drive.  It is basically a stretched Tiida.  Bigger than I am used to but wonderful (once I get used to it).

So the Nissan Wingroad is mine.  It symbolises more to me than just transport.   It evifences my hubby’s acceptance of my new job and celebrates my joy in it by funding me a new car.  The Echo was my nursing car.

I smile when I drive this or even just see it.   The keyless entry fascinates me but can be confusing.  I just love it.

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