Life saving

I think there is a difference from stopping someone committing suicide and saving a life.  In the first you ensure that a person continues breathing but in the second you remain engaged to assist them to live 8n a manner that means grey want to keep breathing.

I liken it to drowning.  Hours after a person is rescued from the water, resuscitated and to all appearances, recovered, they can drown.  It’s why you are advised to go to the hospital and be monitored.  

It’s true that after a suicide attempt or threat you can be in hospital but after the crises, when you sit alone with pieces of your life scattered around you, can you live in and with what is left?

The Chinese proverb about saving a life and how from then on your lives are entwined seems apt.  How often do we rally around a crisis immediately but eventually that support falls away and the person, ready or not, is deemed ready to manage alone.

Just some thoughts on the early morning.  What do you think?

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What do you think?

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