Be a planker not a plonker!

So I crushed the July challenge of the crucifix hold. Basically I held 2, 2 kilo dumbbells at shoulder height for the longest time. I wanted 3 minutes but I won at 2.41.53.

August is all about the plank.

Once again I will be engaged in a battle with my mind as much as my body.  I found a month challenge to plank each day increasing the time until achieving 10 minutes.

I am on track. At 2.20 on a day that was 2 mins:

I posted earlier than I intended to encourage others to have a go. Most training sessions are multiple planks so an endurance one is different.  I do better with external as well as internal competition.

The record plank is like 8 hours … yes HOURS and the mental, let alone physical, strength in that is just mind blowing!!

I am going to “attempt” each week and really want to nail a strong improvement each time.  I have to confess I can enjoy a whole workout of plank variations.  It’s just so whole body engaging.

I know I have longer times in me.  I just have to focus and work for it!

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