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Hubby took a sleeping pill last night and didn’t feel safe to drive at 5am. So I drove him to work.  I went a bit slower than usual on the open road (100 km) because my eyes were grumpy at being awake and I was driving his bigger car.

We made it into Palmerston North (20 min from where I live) and as I approached a round about I thought my lack of sleep and blurry eyes were contributing to my seeing things!  On top of the round ab0ut was a parked car.

Normally this might not be too big a shock but it was a white car that my lights picked up on the side.  This round about is a round of raised concrete and then a central low shrub planted circle.  The car was completely off the road!

I thought my eyes were blurry but this driver must have attempted to go straight through and got themselves stuck in the vegetation. It was a weird experience riding around the round about and the parked car.

I had left my phone at home or I would have snapped a photo!  Feel free to share your crazy sites or sights when out driving!!

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  1. I lived in Invercargill in the early 80s: many long straight roads in town, interrupted by occasional roundabouts – and the highest per capita of V-8s in the country. These roundabouts were the old style that wasn’t much more than a low flattish concrete dome and easily negotiated when racing said V-8s along said long straight roads…

    Right up til the city council decided to discourage the ‘over’ approach (as opposed to the desired around approach) by concreting rather large and inconvenient boulders in the centre of each roundabout. For some time afterwards, habit being what it is, it was quite common to be heading to work on a Monday morning and sighting numerous V-8s and the like mounted, sometimes precariously, others quite solidly, atop said boulders…

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  2. I once encountered a truck hauling a boat & trailer coming the wrong way in a roundabout at 6:00 in the morning – and then the driver had the audacity to get upset with me, saying no-one should be driving on that road so early in the morning!

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