Tasting new things

I had a desire to try kumara chips.  I wasn’t sure it was something I would enjoy but I really did. There was a subtle sweet flavour to them and they had a very satisfying crunch to them which I didn’t expect but enjoyed. 

I thought it best to try them at a fish and chip shop for my first tasting but I am raring to give them a go in our air fryer. Which if you know me and my relationship to cooking is a surprise!!

What new eating experiences have you tried lately?



  1. I make them all the time in my air fryer. I cut them about 1cm (thinner for crispier) x 1cm x 4-5cm (short like this makes them easy to toss every 5 minutes or so, rinse them and let them dry – not a bad idea to cut and wash them a couple of hours before you’re going to cook them – put them in something with a lid with a tablespoon of oil and any spices you might want and shake it all about to spread the oil and spices over the chips. Cook at the max temp for about 20 minutes depending how you like them.

    You can make a nice medley tossing in potato, parsnip, carrot and pumpkin if you want – I like this in 1cm cubes…

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