I am so proud of myself.  I started the week eyeing up the monthly challenge to hold the crucifix hold for as long as you can.

The photo was after and my form is not perfect but I was very sore!!

One woman started us off with at strong time just under two minutes. But the real challenge came when a young lady posted 2.30. Woman had to hold 2 kg dumbbells while men had 4kg.

I was really keen to give it a go but I was hesitant as my shoulders hold my fibromyalgia.  But I do like a challenge.  My first attempt was only 1.40 and I pretty much gave up on myself.  The next day I hit 1.43 and stopped myself again.

I am trying to work my mind – body relationship and this challenge was perfect!  I visualized the hold and studied on the best form for it.  I meditated on staying in the hold and not giving in to my mind.

The third and final attempt was today and I went for it.  I shut my eyes centred my mind and went for it.  My timer called it when my arms dropped too low. I did not give in. 2.41.53!!

I wanted 3mins but it was not to be. I am not sure I will win but I am so proud of my beating my own thinking!  I did not give in and that is important to me.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed completing.  It’s like I got a piece of myself back. Bring on the new challenge next month!!!

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