Chewing on food and words

I have been giving myself a hard time because the ease of following my eating plan in the first 5 months has ended.  I now find myself tempted, a lot and have even over indulged purely in habit when stressed.  

I had a change in thinking yesterday.  I am now viewing the struggle as positive.  It is forcing me to make decisions about what I eat and why.  I am no longer following the eating plan or the actual choices of food by rote.

My goal this year was to live mindfully and these challenges help me achieve that.  I know that talking about something won’t cure it but if it is a habit and you manage it by replacing a new more mindful way of action and thinking.  It is a better way of living.

Two nights ago I had 5 points left on my daily point allowance under  the Weight Watchers system.  We were at the supermarket and I was putting high point items in the trolley stating they were for later.

Who was I kidding!! Not even myself because I knew if I bought these high point items I would eat them, immediately, and at the same time wreck my clean eating efforts. At times will power is ineffectual over just having to eat something I know is sitting in my cupboards. 

So I chose not to buy them. I told myself if I wanted them I could go back tomorrow and eat them within my points.  Was I a ‘little’ grumpy ? Definitely!, but I didn’t go back for them the next day.

This way of eating is teaching me a lot about my eating patterns and how often they are dictated by my mood and the past.  I wanted a lifetime not a lifestyle change and I am working hard for it.

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