The Life and Work of Scott Thomas Eastham

Today is a very special day to me. I contributed to a book celebrating the life of my lecturer, Scott Eastham who died in 2013.  The book is written by his family and his students.  It shares his philosophy of life and teaching and I have it in my possession and on my eReader. 

The title is:

CIRPIT REVIEW MONOGRAPHS n. 3 – 2016.  The Life and Work of Scott Thomas Eastham.  His message to the next generation.

It was edited by his wife Mary Eastham. Making it even more special to me.

I am so honoured to be a contributor.  It was important to me that his amazing approach in the classroom was represented. My chapter is titled:  

“Say not in grief he is no more,- but live in thankfulness that he was” 

Quoted from Rabindranath Tagore.

I am so proud that my chapter passed the international peer review process.  I was intimidated when writing it, feeling inadequate to do so.  While my writing is academic, I did write exactly what I wanted to.  

I love the Mitch Albom quote that I included:

Death ends a life, not a relationship” 

From his wonderful book Tuesdays with Morrie.    Which will also be my second tattoo.

I read my chapter out to my parents and my mother cried.  It took me a while to be able to read it without crying.  I will probably cry as I read the book for the first time in its entirety.

I am so looking forward to curling up with my eReader.   The hard copy is for display in our library at home.

There may be a book launch and I will want photos from that.  It is just a wonderful feeling, embedded in this book and helping ease the loss of his physical presence in my life.  He is always with those who knew him in spirit and from what we learnt.


What do you think?

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