I must admit that with counselling and self reflection comes journalling.  Besides that every year I would buy a glossy new diary with a page a day and enthusiastically write for a few weeks and then just stop.  I have a pile of half full journals to attest to that!  I think they are like New Years Resolutions! Or at least, for me, meet a similar fate!

Hubby, he who knows me well and is often heard to say:”I know because I observe” nagged me to get a 5 year diary.  Much like he nagged me to get a blog going!!  I find it much easier to fill in a few lines for a day than a whole page.  If I need more space I can take up the next year’s space too.

If I don’t write and like my nlog there are periods where my written voice is somehow snatched from me, no page is blank because it will get written on the following years. For me that rem9ves some of the stress for when I can’t write.

My diary requires me to fill in the year, understand each days date. What I am enjoying and finding fun and inspirational is reading what happened the year or two before.  I find details of my life I forgot and little treats of what was important enough to note down.

Last year there was periods of a really hopeless mindset and suicidal ideation.  Reading those days helps remind me of how far I have c0me to this point and hopefully when I return to those dates next year it will be even better!!

So I highly recommend a five year diary to record snippets of your life and remind you of what you valued previously.  The personal insights are helping me progress on my recovery journey.  Both in a return to function and to a better self – relationship.

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