Engaging the Patterns

I am very conscious to the fact I self sabotage.  I have a fairly consistent record of it.  I succeed at something like triathlons, cycling, gym workouts, daily 8 km walks then runs, hockey etc etc.  Then there is a period of ” can’t be bothered” or injury or some excuse, that grows from missing one session to months of inactivity and piling on the weight.

Hubby works tirelessly to break through my mood and mind set. When I do break through I fail to return to the old and proven.  I try something new.  Not this time.   This time I am aware of the pattern and am actively engaging with it.

I returned to the gym because I truly love the workouts and the body it creates.  I know I love it so why give in to nonsense and try to find something new.  I can accommodate my injuries and pain and still have a great workout.  There is a measure of accountability in writing my experiences here, open to speculation but also motivation and inspiration.

In regards to Weight Watchers there was stress but I also think I got bored.  6 months of absolute focus on eating got boring.  It was working but I craved more.  Adding the gyms means today I am 4 days of clean eating. It also helped that I sat down and had a meditation session around what was happening, engaged with it and bought my eating back to conscious eating decisions.

I am struggling a bit today but will hold to the gym in an hour or so.  I woke up with sore shoulders so will take that into account.  I am considering swimming tomorrow for a cardiovascular but gym break. I do better going every day.

Share your story or advice or what you feel like.  I love getting and replying to comments.


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