Round up

Another night of disjointed sleep.  I liken in to an old record player.  I have a dream then wake to turn the record over, then a different dream and the sequence continues till I give in and get up.

On the positive side I can go to sleep almost immediately so that makes it less onerous.  I have never had so many dreams.  I am hoping some become poems.

I thought since I was awake I would do a catch up.  In the last few weeks I have been stressed and rather than feeding my creativity, it stifled it.  The Writers group meeting helped inspire me.

I am working on a book of poems.  I am going to try and get them published ( when I figure out how!).  I also have the basic idea for a scifi novel and a media studies piece.  I just have to work away at it.   Poems first and I have a few already that I want to include. Any tips on any part of this process gratefully received. 

I have lost 23.8 kilos to date.  June was a nightmare where I ate my stress and the scales showed it. Although I came out with an overall loss.  My body is showing the signs of weight loss not that noticeable to me before.  I found a shop where I can get a bag of clothes for $2.oo and that helps.

I have had to go off the antidepressant Duloxetine that was working so well for me.  The reason being I can not financially afford it.  I also could not afford the stress of waiting to see if ACC would fund it.  It’s  big blow but I will manage it.

I have found a new therapy that might work.  EMDR (can’t remember the words) but it seeks to safely process trauma and shelve the memories away from their current place.  Making their poison non lethal or unable to continue their negative impact.  I will let you know how it works for me.

That is pretty much it.  Off to soak in my bath.

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