What is Not Said

Sometimes life is just incredibly hard

Like you always turn over the death card

Even the tarot warns of your remote chances

It is like you bear hard life hits, not glances


But you keep going, you poke, plod and prod

Trying not to add weight to the shouldered rod

Voices come at you from both near and afar

Asking, honestly, questioning how you are


Saying “I am fine” was okay in the past

But with no help, how can that last?

Everything crumbling in rubble whatever you do

So maybe its time to scream out “Help me, I need you”


It might be a hug or a word that holds you tight

Cutting through the hate and this endless fight

Letting you find a way, to achieve a final surcease

Bringing in that moment, a  new sense of peace



Pay more attention than just to the uttered words

Through that, it is obvious that “I am fine”is simply absurd

I may not be able to utter the deeply seated need

But help me escape my past and finally be freed



I have been in a state of silence in regard to writing lately.  Just needed some time to sort out some health issues.  This poem needs some work but at least I am writing again.  Any ideas on improvement gratefully received.



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  1. Hi Sam, there you are. Your poem is very beautiful and written well. Your rhyming was great. I hope people remember to look past the shields of “I’m fine,” in people and to help them when they need it. I hope those who say “I’m fine,’ aren’t too proud to ask for help when they really do need it. I hope your health is okay now and I’m happy to see you blogging again. Blogging or writing, anywhere can be healing. I hope you are getting the help you need my friend.

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