Be you

You would think the worse thing in life

Would be your family’s proclamation

“That they don’t or won’t see you”

When you are standing in front of them


They don’t know the behaviours they judge

They don’t accept the appearance you choose

The don’t hear your words, shouting for help

You are ‘disowned’ for simply being you


There is something equally as destructive

It is when you look into the bathroom mirror

And you don’t know the person looking back

You don’t acknowledge or can’t, what you see


You can not change the minds of others

But you don’t have to accept their words

Don’t let the words become thorns in your mind

Pain that continues to prick you mercilessly


All you can change is how you let them affect you

How you let their words and beliefs burden you

Stop!, practice stopping their barbs in front of you

Do not let them inside the core of you, stay safe


Find the people that nourish and love you

Whatever you, you may be in that moment

You are not cast in the role of anything

Not man, women, brother, wife or other


In this and every moment be the best

You that you can be and be proud

Walk tall in those that share the sun

Rather than thrusting you into the shade

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