For You

This is written for someone I dearly love who is questioning his strength at a very hard time in his life.  I can’t be with you in person but I hope my words cushion you and comfort you as you always do for me!


A weightlifters strength is evident in the kilos they lift

Some come to it naturally and just lift what they select

Minimal practice, a natural ability that they can hone

Are they stronger than the lifter that returns again and

Again and again …to slowly  improve their lifting?


Who is stronger – the man who is there through the good

but who eventually leaves when the going gets tougher?

Or the man who never sees the hard but just walks alongside

Supporting without being asked, loving the person within

No strength need be wrong, but there are just differences


Stop worrying that you are not strong enough

What you need is not just strength,  but also …

Your patient nature, you compassionate worldview

Your being there at their side, be that easy or hard

Making decisions to help them, decisions that cost you


That is strength and you have that in spades

It is not measurable in weight or in duration

It is the very core of who you are as a person

You are the strongest person I have ever known

And I have never seen you life a single weight


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