Deeper than skin

Please ask: what does my tattoo mean to me?

Because it is something different than you can see

It is more than just the inked image within my skin

It helps my spirit and my soul from deeply within


You see a butterfly in shades of grey

And on first glance that’s okay

But it  means much more to me

I like the butterfly, want to soar free


You may not even see the second element

And with that knowledge I am quite content

Because the semi colon means much more for me

Than for others to see it and on its place to query


Throughout my life depression has been present

But I denied it, its presence something I truly resent

Putting the semi colon on my arm is for awareness

Of my recovery journey and the ongoing unfairness


Of trying to live a life to the full

Where before depression did rule

Recovery is slow but consistent

Now that I am aware and not resistant

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  1. How did I miss the semicolon Sam? You are a brave lady. I’ve considered getting a little semicolon designed tattoo myself. Maybe, before the big one I want. Lovely well written poem. You can really tell how this tattoo image is so meaningful for you.

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