A to Z Challenge Reflection

I really enjoyed this April A to Z Challenge.  I was a little late on focussing on my theme but despite this I feel I was consistent on keeping to the them of emotions.  I broadened the theme beyond what I was feeling to the generic emotion and to some words I just enjoy using.

I found writing the letters when I felt motivated worked best for me.  I then scheduled them on the appropriate date with a wee slip up at the start with the posting of C is for Confusion (lol which ended up being funny in how it worked out).

The best part of the Challenge was the access to a lot of bloggers I might not have otherwise found.  I had some great reading experiences from one sentence brilliance to really intricate poetry to travel sites and it just goes on.  There is a wealth of reading material available.

The Challenge is brilliantly organised and that helps.  I liked the easy access index of the blogs that entered the challenge. The letters were easily incorporated into each day’s blog. I learnt how to add my signature to the comments that I make and that was something new for me, which I enjoy doing.

I will definitely do this again next year but I will put more thought into the common theme much earlier and take part in the theme reveal.  I definitely recommend this to any blogger.  New bloggers as a way to get used to writing each day and to a single theme and older bloggers to introduce some variety into their writing and to provide a chance at a new focus.


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