Tattoo Update

I had my tattoo appointment last night.  I have to confess I was stressing out all day and just rode it out.  No matter how stressed I was I never wavered in my decision to do it. Hubby kindly had tea with me that helped settle me down.

At the appointment was just me and the tattoo artist.  We spent some time sorting out exactly what I wanted.  Again I never wavered on the two elements but I did on the placement.  He took the time to sort out the composition for the stencil and then he put it on my arm for my final agreement.

The actual tattooing did hurt in places but nothing like my imagination had it at.  Mostly I hardly noticed it but now and then it felt deep and a sharp pain.  He did comment that my pain control was impressive (lol an odd bonus of having fibromyalgia and constant pain).  I watched Seinfeld episodes (2) and chatted with the Artist.

I was really calm throughout and when I looked at the finished tattoo I fell in love with it. It is perfect for me.  I can even see where it is going to develop over the years when I add to it (yup I am hooked!). For the first time in a long time I felt I truly owned my body and it is a feeling that is very hard to fully express.

I have minimal pain but am closely following the 48 hour care plan to make sure I don’t ruin any part of his Art and my Gift.  Not truly sure how hubby feels about it but I love seeing it – it makes me smile and is far better than comfort eating for mood elevation!!

I keep saying how pretty it is and its on me.  And yes I am still buzzing today.  Here are some photos of it taken today.  Also note that the jeans I have on are 2 sizes smaller than previously worn and I have lost 17.8 kilos as of today!!








  1. Beautiful Tattoo Sam! I’m glad the appointment went well. You have given me courage enough, I might try to get the tattoo I want again. I’m glad to know the pain wasn’t too bad. And the tattoo really suites you.

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    1. Yeah the pain was there but nothing like my imagination had it. There were places it hurt more but I have almost no pain today. It depends on where you get it. Places near bone hurt more or thicker skin. Tim made me feel really comfortable so that helped a lot. Good luck. I know I love mine.

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