Ruin Realisation

Flash fiction source

This weeks photo prompt is from Graham!  Brilliant thank you!  The prompt is used to write a response of between 100 – 150 words.

You would never know that we had built this wonderful romantic room in the ruins of the mansion.  We only had diners in the evenings which meant we could close out the outside distractions which included the obvious signs of ruin by closing the full length curtains.

The after dark opening hours meant that we could dine by candelabra.  These hours had the added bonus of the dim lighting hiding some of the flaws in our D.I.Y.  Of course we got electricians and plumbers in, but everything else was all our work.

The unseen kitchen was functional.  Or it might be more brutally honest to say that we made it work because every penny from the dining room went into renovating accommodation to generate even more income.

When we bought the ruin I promised to restore it and I will one room at a time!!


(Body of story: 145 words)

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  1. This is a very cool take on the prompt. I think an old mansion that could have a dining room such as this, would make a wonderful place for people to stay, even if as you say you only renovate it “one room at a time.” I think the history of the run down parts of the mansion would be interesting. Great write Sam!

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