S is for Serene

I think it is a bit of a stretch for me to claim to be serene

But I must say with a medication change I am less mean

I am kinder to myself and to my long suffering man

With less stress it means that I practice kindness and I can


Serenity is a lovely word to say and a great life objective

Combining this with a much more positive perspective

Making me a happier person, knowing that it is a state

Just one of many mood states and not my permenant fate


No mood state experience should be considered to be wrong

Unless you dwell there, and in doing so, suffer for too long

Each mood is how you are in that moment and should express

Safe for yourself and others, better than to always suppress


Your mood state might not be socially accepted

In fact a bad temper might be hotly protested

But sharing the joy and the pleasant is fine

As long as your mood state is along that line


But when being serene is a remote possibility

In fact aiming for it is a work of endless futility

Do not give up on striving to be generally serene

Today is soon over and so is that mood of mean


Challenge source info.


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