Posted in 2016 A - Z Challenge

O is for feeling Optimistic

In the year that has passed by, I could not say

How big a role using medications would play

It has been a long period of trial and error

Skirting the very edges of side effect terror

I can not say that from the start I was optimistic

I must say ‘hoping for the best’ was too simplistic

I entered the treatment plan with an open mind

It may be too late for the past, to set  it to rewind


But now and the future can be redeemed, I hope

It’s hard going but I have scaled the worst slope

I have gotten past the barriers of my own thinking

With the help of aids like meds & therapy linking


So bottom lining it – I am feeling optimistic

Using a treatment approach that is holistic

Being listened to and learning basic self care

I have become so much more healthily self aware


This coming year is to be more advantageous

I am approaching life, being more courageous

I hope that your life journey is equally effective

The future is bringing a more positive perspective


What is blogging A to Z information









I was 46 years old when I begun this blog, female and married with a house full of cats (7). My past is littered with the impact of events that happened when I was a teen. Two loves of my life have been nursing and studying. I just completed my Master of Arts: Media Studies endorsement. My blog will be about the things I think about, that might be better served being written rather than squirreled away in my mind festering. It is the meanderings of my mind as I seek to define myself and my world.

What do you think?

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