N is for Noisy

Not precisely a feeling but in this moment I feel noisy

Like I want to share everything, to shout it all out loud

Not to smother it before it can be given voice to be heard

Silence is your preference but my voice will not be cowed

So here I am, shouting out my story, using my loudest voice

Telling you what is wrong and right and I just need to say

So you can choose to listen or not but I will speak my truth

If you thought me meek or mild, you have been very mislead

So get ready because it may well be a surprise to you all

That I am able to speak publically, so eloquently and loudly

I will tell my story as it comes to me and invite you to listen

But no matter what, I am going to speak and do so very proudly

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  1. I like how you so eloquently wrote this article, I need your feedback on a few more of my pieces, the Ghostbusters thing you wrote was well respected in my community, help me out toots, to one writer to the other. Don’t worrie ill pay it foward

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