Say what…?

Flash fiction challenge source

Thank you for the photo prompt Barb!!


Guide for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


I thought when he leaned down it was a bit familiar and a kind of weird form of come on.

But then I realised that while he had caressed my ankle, he was really coveting my shoes!

I waited for a compliment on my lean dancers legs but the only one he uttered was about the shoes.

Is there a rule about asking a woman about her shoe size?  Like there is about asking her what she weighs?

Because while I was waiting for a compliment on my hard earned shapely calves, he is asking about my shoe size?

It gets worse, he then asked whether I thought the shoes would look good on him!

I was hoping that they looked good on me!!  Accentuating my dress and all that!!

(Body 130 words)


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