K is for Kindness

K is for feeling the kindness of many others

They could have left comment on any others

But, instead chose to support my work

Which because of I do not in my writing shirk


I love each and every shared comment

Be they either critical or compliment

They help me improve the writing that I do

And bring greater meaning to it – woo hoo!!


So I feel your kindness deep in my heart

For the effort in the words that you impart

It might take me time to craft my reply

There can be a variety of reasons why


However, it will never be a lack of appreciation

Each comment is cause for a wee celebration!!

I will do my best to comment on the blogs I read

To hope with encouragement that they too succeed


So today, K is simply my feeling your kindness

Thank you so very much, for each words caress


Challenge source





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