D is forDelight

Delight in the smallest experiences

Don’t be quick to simply dismiss them

Don’t just sleep walk through them

Judging them too insignificant for notice

Enjoy the smell of the roses in full bloom

Follow the rainbow and glimpse the sun

Watch the bird fly overhead to the horizon’s edge

See the cat roll indulgently in the sun kissed grass

Live each moment, not as if its the last

But as the unique gift that each one is

Breathe each scent as a present to the senses

Even those that are more pungent than aromatic 

Isn’t each moment spent with those you love

Precious in of itself, your family treasure trove 

One day it will simply be images on a flat page

Memories of those who once were here and now not

Go through the albums laid out on the coffee table

Delight in the memories returned to life within them

Flick through your mental, private albums 

Those that keep us entertained in our dreams

Have moments that inspire, entertain and delight

To keep your happiness well stocked at all times

To fill in the gaps that losses or hardship brings 

Moments can multiply into hours, days and months

The simple joy of being granted the gift of life

Thankful for what you experience each moment

Delight in simply being you and being here

And always, to your own self be the most true

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  1. Really lovely way of doing a poem in this form. Each letter is not just a line but a verse and very good ones. I love the word delight and your poem makes think of the phrase carpe diem “cease the day.” It would seem to me it’s another way of saying “Delight in simply being you and being here.”

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