C for confused

It was a mist that started as an irritant and grew into a fog that shrouded everything.  You were invisible to me, unable to help as I hid what I thought was reality for fear of where it would lead me.  I slogged onward but the fear grew with the depth of surrounding fog.  the fog in front, the fear dogging my steps replacing my shadow at every turn.  

At first I thought that the mist was a friend.  A way to gently conceal the ugly and protect the self from deeper pain.  But then it took over and became the fog that bore down so heavy onto me that I stagger as I walked.  It was no longer of my creation, it was now more of my living nightmare.

It was all invisible to you but I knew it was there.  I created much of it or did I simply borrow the shroud from the words of others accepting them as my new truth.  I am so confused please don’t leave me here alone. 


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  1. Great piece. Fog of your own making, that you can’t control would be very confusing. The last line is heartbreaking “please don’t leave me alone” as if he leaves her and the fog swallows her whole.

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