B is for bashful

I am a very strong and sturdy tall tree

In this place, rooted solidly I be

For all that, I can not stop you seeing me


I can not stop you snapping that photo

Thinking for me, immortality you bestow

Each season captured as I continue to grow


How often I am snapped it truly astounds

I pop up so often in your photo backgrounds

You seem completely absorbed with my surrounds


I carefully follow the actions of those around

In Autumn, I let my leaves drift to the ground

In Spring, I salute the cheery birdsong sound


Why all my objections at my being seen?

Among all the others caught on that tiny screen

Well I am bashful and photos of me just seems mean


A to Z challenge


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      1. Yeah, it is interesting, kind of like sheep, one person likes it, so the rest of us have to go and see it and Get a picture there. I had a friend who was standing next to this gigantic redwood in San Francisco, it was pretty amazing seeing that thick and tall tree next to this tiny 5’7″ woman 🙂

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  1. The idea of the tree as bashful–almost embarrassed of being photographed–is so clever. We think of trees as these big majestic things, but it’s fun to imagine them with human foibles! Good use of the B post!

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