In this moment

This poem is a work in progress and I was having a crappy week all round.  I find when I write prose and get the feelings organised into some facsimile of order I feel better.


In this moment I remember what you mean to me

In this moment I remember what I promised you

But deafeningly in this moment the lure of peace

Erases the promises and strength of all else


I am choosing to end in this moment

To put a full stop instead of a semi colon

My story is complete enough for me

You may add what ever you wish after


You could not have stopped it, not completely

You may have halted it, more moments passing

But it was meant to be, I chose it, I followed through

Not to hurt you, never that, but to free me


In this moment please don’t hate me

Remember me as I was to you

When I was able to respond and be with you

A sister, lover, friend or acquaintance


Please don’t make me into a saint

Just because I died, I never was one

I never wanted to be more that I could be

With living a life that had quality and joy


My love of and for you is never extinguished

It is simply in a quieter place for me

Let me reside in your heart and be your guardian angel

As you were, in this life, to me


What do you think?

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